Fan's favorite Romanian pilot is coming to Sliven

Tuesday, 23 August 2016
The favorite to many Bulgarian fans pilot Vali Porchisteanu is coming to Sliven. The attractive pilot from our northern neighbor submitted his entry form. His co-driver will be Dan Dobre. The crew will be behind the wheel of Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX in class RC2.

Dilyan Stankov on the start of his home event

Sunday, 21 August 2016
Dilyan Stankov who is the leader in 2wd sent his entry form to his home event - rally “Sliven”. Stankov will be looking to make it to the finish, after his retirement in rally Tvarditsa - Elena, where he was at 4th place in the overall classification and was leading in his class.

We present to you: Special stage "Kipilovo"

Sunday, 21 August 2016
Special Stage “Kipilovo”  is the third special stage included in the program of the first racing day in the 36th rally Sliven. The special stage is well know among the pilots and the fans but it hasn’t been driven in this configuration since 2012. It is expected that this special stage will have the highest average speed in the event.

Three new entries for rally Sliven

Saturday, 20 August 2016
The organisers of rally Sliven 2016 have received the entry forms of another three crews. Those are the crews of Scorpion rally team - Stoayan Mechkov/Dimitar Trifonov (Reno Clio Maxi Kit Car, RC3), Petko Ivanov/George Ivanov (Subaru Impreza, E1) and the tandem from Varna Dragomir Drumchev/Martina Petkova (Peugeot 206, RC3).

We present to you: Special stage "Katchulka"

Tuesday, 16 August 2016
Special Stage "Kachulka" is the next one of the first day's program. The special stage is very challenging for the crews and their cars. It will be one of the keys special stages for the rally. The special stage includes part of the legendary stage "Stara reka", but in comparison with the classical stages it will be run downhill.  

Standings 2016

1. Rashid Al Ketbi
146 pts
2. Yagiz Avci
111 pts
3. Yordan Atanasov
90 pts
4. Murat Bostanci
87 pts
5. Simone Tempestini
78 pts
1. Йордан Атанасов
112 pts
2. Пламен Стайков 93.8 pts
3. Мартин Сурилов 70.8 pts
4. Дилян Станков 63.2 pts
5. Михаил Симеонов 45 pts

Calendar 2016

Arad Rally
13-14 May 2016
Marmaris Rally
14-15 May 2016
Rally Bulgaria
27-29 May 2016
  ROU Danube Delta Rally 09-11 Jun 2016
Rally Sliven
02-04 Sep 2016
49. Serbian Rally
23-25 Sep 2016
  Sibiu Rally Challange
15-16 Apr 2016
  Rally Bulgaria
28-29 May 2016
  Rally Serbia
21-24 Jun 2016
  Rally Tvarditsa 16-17 Jul 2016
  Rally Sredna Gore
25-26 Aug 2016
  Rally Sliven
03-04 Sep 2016
  Rally Stari Stolici
08-09 Oct 2016

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