Saturday, 12 January 2019 21:38

The route of Monbat Rally Sliven 2019 is ready

The route of 39. Monbat Rally Sliven is ready. The organizers will put the participating crews ahead of a serious challenge again, changing the scheme to last year's edition. Monbat Rally Sliven 2019 is the second round of the Bulgarian Rally Championship and the fourth round of the FIA Balkan Rally Trophy.
In the program of the competition for this year are included eleven special stages. Their total mileage will be just over 160 stage kms., and the total distance that competitors will have to cover will be about 420 km. Despite the major changes in the scheme, Monbat Rally Sliven 2019 will keep its compactness and the spectators will be able to observe more than half of the special stages.
Saturday will include seven special stages and the super-special stage in the streets around the central railway. station in Sliven will be an attractive end of the first leg.
On Sunday, the crews will have to cover four stages and one of them will be used for the first time for a rally. The organizers will offer a real test to the crews. The final stage in the rally, which will allocate additional bonus points, is expected to be the longest in the national championship next year.
More details about the itinerary and program of 39th Monbat Rally Sliven are expected soon on the official web site. Do not miss everything that's most interesting about preparing of this year edition in its social network profiles.
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