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What the crews said at the press conference after the first day

At the press conference after the end of the first day were the crews of Megaport Racing Miroslav Angelov / Nedyalko Sivov (Skoda Fabia R5), Grigor Grigorov/ Petar Sivov (Peugeot 208 R2) and the Romanian crew Cristiana Oprea / Diana Hategan (Dacia Sandero).

Miroslav Angelov, Megaport Racing driver: The first day went quite well for us. We were a little frightened by the rainy weather forecast and we were conservative in choosing tires for the first three special stages - we staked on soft tires. Accordingly, this affected their condition in the second and mainly in the third stage, and therefore we did not have the opportunity to use the full potential of the car. For the second passes we put the hard tires and pushed into the second stage. Then we got to know the problems of Yordan Atanasov and in the third stage we went to a moderate pace, but we still improved our results. It was a pleasure for us to drove today at the wonderful stages of Sliven and with every kilometer we feel more and more comfortable in the car. "

 Edi Sivov, Megapart Racing co-driver: "Today is a great day for us. It's a normal result in terms of the car, but I want to assure you that it's not easy in the car, especially in the second passes, things happen very quickly. The funny thing is that just when we finished the last stage, a great drop of rain began to fall. We worried about our colleagues after us, because it was a great rain. Our notes were perfect and we managed to pull it seriously, and we look forward to tomorrow. "

Grigor Grigorov, Grigorov Racing driver:  "I am very happy that Tihomir Stratiev participates in all competitions in the national rally championship because the pace we show is very high and we are pursuing at every stage - one stage I win, one he. This further helps my enthusiasm to push more. I believe that fans are happy, at least to what we see. Every fan enjoys a battle for tenths of seconds. I am pleased with what we have achieved and I am pleased with, even though we are still searching for rhythm. I have done all the tasks I set up in the morning. "

Petar Sivov, Grigorov Racing co-driver: "I am happy and happy to be back in such an environment. We found competition in the face of Tihomir Stratiev. We were having fun because what we are doing makes us happy. I'm also glad that my son is on first place, and he's doing well with his duties. I hope tomorrow everything will go ok and tomorrow we will see you again. "

Cristiana Oprea, driver: "The special stages in Sliven are great and very beautiful, and I am very pleased with my participation here because only the first race day is like a whole rally in Romania."

Diana Hategan, co-driver: "We are very happy with today, we have had no problems and the notes were accurate and I hope for a successful final tomorrow."

Класиране 2018

1. Valentin Porcisteanu
2. Dan Girtofan
3. Simone Tempestini
4. Yagiz Avci
5. Gergely Zsolt Szabo
М. Ангелов
39 т.
2. Т. Стратиев
33 т.
3. Г. Григоров
31 т.
4. Й. Атанасов
22 т.
5. Г. Василев
17 т.

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