Saturday, 12 June 2021 11:22

Leader Soylu retires after a heavy crash

Stage 5 Trapoklovo is stopped after a heavy crash of crew number 2 Ugur Soylu/Aras Dincer. Both were transported to the local hospital for medical checks.

Ugur Soylu and Aras Dincer (Skoda Fabia Rally2) had a healthy lead of 24.4 seconds before the start of the second leg of Monbat Rally Sliven but retired after a heavy crash on the opening stage today. The Turkish crew hit a bump at full speеd near Sedlarovo and the car flew over the air.

The rescue team was on site immediately. The driver was transported to the local hospital for medical checks with the first ambulance and the co-driver - few minutes later with the second one.

The stage was stopped immediately.

More information to follow!