Saturday, 12 June 2021 13:00

Statement about the health condition of number 2 crew

Ugur Soylu suffered multiple injuries. Aras Dincer is unharmed

Crew number 2 of EVOFONE RALLY TEAM Ugur Soylu/Aras Dincer crashed heavily on special stage 5 Trapoklovo in 10:18.56 local time.

The rescue team is on site immediately after the incident and extricates the driver Soylu from the wreckage. The co-driver Dincer pulls himself out of the car.

The driver of number 2 crew is transported immediately to the local hospital MBAL D-r Ivan Selimnski with the first ambulance on site. The second ambulance is on the start of the stage and arrives on site approximately 10 minutes later. The co-driver is transported to the hospital with the second ambulance.

The medical report shows that Soylu suffered а spinal fracture of T12, cerebral edema and fractured shoulder. The medical team decides that he will stay in the local hospital for now. Dincer suffers no injuries.


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