Monday, 14 August 2017 17:50

More crews from Sliven join the competition

The number of local crews who have sent their entry forms to participate in 37-th rally "Sliven" reached six, after two more tandems from Sliven submitted requests to the organizers from ASK "Scorpion". These are Damian Slavov and Kaloyan Slavov (Citroen C2) and Stefan Zhelyazkov / Ivan Turlakov (Citroen Saxo). The total number of crews claimed is 21.
The Slavov brothers, Damian and Kaloyan, are part of one of the most famous families among Sliven motorists. They continue the tradition after their father Slav Slavov and their uncle Pavel Slavov, who have numerous starts in rally "Sliven". This will be the first rally for Damyan and Kaloyan in the season 2017. The two of them had long work on recovering their Citroen C2, after last season serious engine failure in rally Sliven, which forced them to retired in special stage "Katchulka".
Another crew from Sliven, who confirm his participation today is Stefan Zhelyazkov / Ivan Turlakov. For both of them this will be a third start for the season. Stefan and Ivan are fifth in classification of the RC 5 class. Thanks to their great experience on the special stages around of Sliven, Jeliazkov and Turlakov are emerging as one of the serious favorites for podium places in RC5 class.

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1. Мирослав Ангелов

2. Мартин Сурилов

3. Даниел Попов

4. Георги Василев

5. Антон Титов


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