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Tihomir Stratiev and Dobrin Borisov: We expect an unpredictable and interesting rally

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38. Monbat Rally Sliven, PressConference 38. Monbat Rally Sliven, PressConference, Ilian Telkedjiev
Starting with number 1 in the 38th Monbat Rally Sliven Tihomir Stratiev and Dobrin Borisov shared their expectations for the upcoming rally. The two participated in the traditional press conference before the start of the race.

Tihomir Stratiev, Marina Motorsport driver: "Today we made the recce, the stages are quite different from the previous years, in which there is nothing wrong, I think the stages are a little faster, at a higher pace. I think this race will be very unpredictable because the weather will decide who will have an advantage and the tire choice will be key. In this configuration of the rally, the 4x4 cars will have a greater advantage over us, because of uphils”.

Dobrin Borisov, Marina Motorsport co-driver: "I will not hide that this is one of my favorite competitions and admirations to the organizers that it has managed to break the status quo and change the standard appearance of Monbat Rally Sliven. I was a little skeptical about the choice of when I saw them for the first time, but I dare say that an extremely interesting race is going to be unpredictable due to the different characteristics of all stages, so for me as a co-driver this competition is a real challenge. We start with number 1 and always go with the desire to win, but we are realistic and ultimately four-wheel-drive cars are faster and have an advantage but our intention to be close to them. "

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