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Vili Kamenov: "The success of the Rally Sliven and the passion of the competitors convinced us to give our name again to the competition"

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Mr. Vili Kamenov is Commercial Manager of Starter Batteries in Monbat Economic Group, who is the general sponsor for the second consecutive year of Rally Sliven. Mr. Kamenov was kind to answer our questions about the motives that prompted the Monbat Economic Group to give its name to the rally.

- Mr. Kamenov, last year, Monbat supported Rally Sliven, which reaped another great success and gathered the elite of the Bulgarian rally scene in one place for the 38th time. This summer, Monbat is again behind the prestigious race, what can we expect?

An important element of the mission of Monbat is to actively participate and contribute to the development of the region where our product range is based. We are glad that we have the opportunity for a second consecutive year to support rally Sliven - a key event and initiative both in the calendar of the Bulgarian Automobile Sports Federation and in the region. The success of the event, the passion of the competitors and our desire to contribute to the promotion of this sport in the future, convinced us to give our name again to the race.

At the end of June, we can expect to meet the challenging routes with our best competitors, who enter a direct race for trophies with international crews. We expect a lot of dynamics, a lot of love for speed and precision, a strong desire for development, a high level of professionalism and a sporting spirit. That's exactly what we're doing in Monbat - we put all our experience and passion for cars, and our readiness to respond to the dynamic needs of our customers.

- How do you see the Bulgarian automobile sport on the international rally map?

Bulgaria moves boldly into the international rally scene, consolidating its position by strictly following and applying european and world standards. Monbat Rally Sliven will be the second round of the national rally championship and the fourth round of the FIA ​​Balkan Rally Trophy. The most active and ambitious Bulgarian teams have already submitted their entry forms and we are expecting the teams from Romania, Greece, Serbia, Turkey and other European countries.

Last year, the audience enjoyed the rivalry of the 34 teams, including 11 foreign crews. The growing international competition, interest and audience, the more powerful technologies in modern racing cars that we see on the stages and the ambition of the contestants undeniably talk about Bulgaria's better position on the international rally map. Of course, this in turn attracts new investment and support in automotive sports and provides rally championships that keep the emotions of the growing number of fans at constantly high speeds.

- How does the combination of motor sport and brands such as Monbat manage to add value to both sides?

The benefits are two-sided when the right crossing points are in place - for Monbat these are precision to details, professionalism, dedication, dynamic development and added value. Our experience from last year proved to us that the team of rally Sliven is working hard for the development of rally culture in our country as well as for the professionalism of the rally sport.

- Monbat manages to maintain a stable position in battery sales. What is the secret to success?

There is no secret, success builds on the passion for cars, investment in the company and in the team, active listening to customer needs and tracking the market all over the world. We are endeavoring our clients to recognize themselves in Monbat and we work for mutual trust, as our business model is based on sustainable development in all directions - both partners across the supply chain and for all people and the environment.

We believe that with partnerships and initiatives such as rally Sliven, we will be able to help more people share our pleasure and love for cars and power.

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